A Simple Vanilla Sponge & Cupcakes

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hey Guys!!
Happy New Year to you all!! I know its a bit late but I haven't said it to all you lovely followers yet :)
The 1st Jan in our household means its my darling Husbands birthday so I decided to make him a cake instead of going to a store and buying him one. I also think by baking him one more thought goes into it and he can appreciate it more. I used the usual Vanilla cupcake recipe that I always use lately as it tastes so nice and smells gorgeous which you can go to HERE and have a go at baking it/them yourselves :)
So here it goes

This is the recipe I followed

These are the ingredients

First off I weighed the butter out and the caster sugar into a silver mixing bowl and creamed it together. I then added one egg and mixed that in, then added the 2nd egg and mixed that together. I then added the Vanilla Essence.

After I mixed all of it together I then weighed in half of the flour and folded that into the mix, then put in 1tbs of milk and mixed that together. I then put the 2nd half of flour in and the 2nd tbs of milk and mixed it altogether until it was nice and thick & 'creamy'.

I then poured it into a silicone mould and baked it for 15 minutes.
Once it had baked I baked 2 rectangles but have only shown one also in between them baking I made cupcakes and cooled down it was then time to decorate it. I used Chocolate Fudge icing, Silver Edible spray, chocolate stars, strawberry jam and an icing 'pen'. All pictured below.
The first thing I did was put a layer of strawberry jam on the one sponge, you can do it however thick you like and then put the top sponge on. Once that was done it was a matter of putting the Chocolate Fudge icing on, which I ended up getting in a mess with haha

Once it was completely iced it was then time to spray it silver, I'd never used this spray before but seen other people use it so wanted to try it. It came out lush, you could really see it shining and the whole cake looked metallic :) I then wrote Happy Birthday on it in blue icing and put candles all around it :)

As I said above I also made some cupcakes :)
I hope that you enjoyed this post, I thoroughly enjoyed baking and writing up this post for you :)
If you would like more baking posts let me know in the comments and I will try, as long as I can get the ingredients, to bake something different every week :)
Hope You're Having A Good Week!!
See You Soon!!