My Week #1

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hey Guys!!
This the first post that will be a weekly 'series' shall we say of what I got up to in the week in pictures :) They will be pictures off my iPod, phone and maybe some off my camera :) The week will go Sunday to Saturday for me to then post the following Sunday, if that makes any sense haha
This week has been a bit of an up and down week to be honest, also it has been my first full week in my new job which I am absolutely loving :) I am so happy that I am in a job that I completely enjoy as I have had jobs in the past where I really don't enjoy them.
It has also been full of some relaxing time and lots of cuddles while watching films and I love the quality time we spend together whether its the cats or my husband :)
I have also discovered things this week that were fun and also not so fun. I have come to the realisation that I am only keeping people in my life that bring positivity to my life rather than negativity, as I will end up just running myself down and I don't need that :)
Anyway lets get on with the pictures :)
1 - Sunday - I took this picture as I had straightened my hair the day before, I'm pretty lucky my hair stays straight for a while, and just loved how nice it looked and how nice the length is at the moment, though I will probably get it tidied up soon :)
2 - Monday - This was while I was waiting for my bus to go to work, I really need to learn to drive, but this was the only really nice day we had this week. I loved how the sun rose over the house and thought it was a perfect photo opportunity, though it took me ages to take it as there were so many cars going past :)
3 - Tuesday - I decided today I just needed to relax and just completely chill out, so I run myself a nice hot bath, lit some lovely smelling candles and just chilled in the bubbles, I definitely felt better after that :)
4 - Wednesday - This was quality cuddle time with Jacob our older cat, he very much loves a cuddle especially with Llewellyn, he can't sit for 5 minutes without Jacob jumping on his lap :)
5 - Thursday - This was my fun discovery. I was a little bored this evening and when I'm bored I like to go on Google Street View and look at houses I can only dream of living in, only I then came across me walking to my Mums' I had a little giggle for a while about this :)
6 - Friday - I think I'm a little obsessed with candles, the two little ones in the middle are my Yankee Candles and are cinnamon scented, my lord they a gorgeous :) I just felt like lighting some candles this evening and just chilled and read my book for a bit by candle light :)
7 - Saturday - My healthy eating is going slightly well hiding box of chocs as we speak I have been having regular meals this week, I'm normally rubbish at making sure I eat at regular times but I have been doing well :)
That's my week :) Its definitely been a candle obsessed one haha but nice and relaxing, hopefully this week will be a little better though, we shall soon find out :)
I hope that you enjoyed this post as it is the first of many :)
What do you like to do to relax through the week?
See You Soon!!