My Week #2

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hey Guys!!
It is Week #2 of this series for the year and this week has been full of healthy eating, drinking more water, new dress and staff party :)
And here it is in pictures :)

1. Sunday - Today was a day full of chilling and playing 3DS which I am in love with :)
2. Monday - Its very rare that the cats just cuddle together so had to capture the moment before they start chasing each other around the flat :)
3. Tuesday - I spent the afternoon at my Mums and used my new mug that she bought me *I am in no way actually messy* :)
4. Wednesday - As you know I am doing a 30 Day Healthy Challenge and it has been going well and this one of my healthy meals of the week, lamb kebabs and rice :)
5. Thursday - I have also been doing really well in the drinking more water side of things to :)
6. Friday - My dress came from BooHoo and I had to try it on :) I fell in love with it :)
7. Saturday - This is me and Llewellyn in the hotel room before we went down to the party, it was a brilliant night and there was even a photobooth :)
That was my fun packed week, its been a really good week and hopefully this week will be just the same :)
Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!
See You Soon!!