Outfit Of The Day 25th Jan

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hey Guys!!
As you know I went to a party with Llewellyn as it was his staff party, of course I had no clue what I wanted to wear, and in a previous post I showed you what I had ordered from BooHoo.com, which is what I wore to the party.
I took the pictures on my new phone as the camera ran out of battery and my camera on my phone is really decent quality.
BooHoo.com £12
As you can see I paired it with simple, black heels, which are my go to heels, and curled my hair and pinned it to the side to give it a more party feel.
I must say this dress was so comfortable, as it isn't a thick, heavy material, but is light, and moves with your body to make it even more comfortable. I loved the length of it as it wasn't to short and it wasn't to long. I would recommend anyone that likes this sort of style to go ahead and get it as it is just overall amazing, plus I am slightly obsessed with this pattern :) I definitely want more dresses like this. Also to add on I didn't get to hot in it either, which was good because being at a party it can get hot and stuffy, and I was lovely and cool.
I hope you enjoyed this post!!
See You Soon!!
P.S Here are some more pictures of the dress