Office Space

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hey Guys!!
For a while now I have been wanting a desk to put in my bedroom, so that I have a little space where I can sit and do blog posts and edit my videos. As I found I was sitting in front of the television or on my bed and it wasn't really a space I could work from, so it was time to get a desk.
I obviously needed to find a desk that would fit as we do only have a small bedroom and also needed to make sure it had a drawer for me to store notebooks and other important things. It didn't take me to long to find a gorgeous, white desk, that had one long drawer on that was black, glossed wood :) I found this particular one on Argos which you can get HERE It is a little more money than I planned on spending but I couldn't leave it.
I got it yesterday as Llewellyn picked it up on his way home from work and I put it together straight away as I couldn't wait, I was that excited. It was very easy to put together, I had no problems with it and all the parts and screws, etc. were there.
So I now have a lovely little space in my bedroom where I can put my creativity to good use and I can really sit and concentrate :) Its my little pride and joy, so it will be kept clean and tidy, though the cats will need to learn not to jump on it :)

And there you have my awesome, little office space :) I love it so much :)
Do you find it easier working at a desk?
See You Soon!!