YouTube Survey

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hey Guys!!!
As you all know I have two YouTube Channels
TheVikkiHaleWeekly (under a revamp)
I am in the process of possibly changing the names of my Channels as I'm not sure about them now, as I think I want something a bit more catchy and memorable!!
Anywho I wanted to find out from you lovely followers or whoever reads this post, what you guys like when it comes to content.
My first channel TheVikkiHale is my vlogging channel so this is the channel where I film, edit and upload everyday. Sometimes its interesting, but because I also have a job sometimes its not so interesting, but I still make sure I upload some footage even if it is just me rambling on!! I must also say I do love vlogging and I do also love watching vlogging channels such as The Shaytards, BFvsGF and CTFxC!!
So what I want to know is
Do you guys enjoy watching vlogging channels?
If you do, do you mind if its not always interesting or do you like something interesting more often?
My second channel TheVikkiHaleWeekly is as you can tell by the name my weekly channel, where I upload videos such as baking, DIY, hauls, during certain months they're themed, i.e. Christmas, Easter, etc. I also film these in better quality as I use a DSLR camera not my vlogging camera.
What I would like to know is
What sort of things do you like to see with these sorts of Channels?
Is there anything you would like to see, i.e. beauty hauls, reviews, etc.?
I am asking these questions as I want to be making decent, quality content that you guys are going to watch, as I want to make the most of my channels this year, as it is also coming up a year that I have been vlogging and want to keep doing it whether its to 10 viewers or 100 viewers, I love every second of it. I would just like to know what you guys think :)
You can let me know by either emailing me, tweeting me, instagramming me or just leave comments below and then I can start work on making my channels entertaining and interesting to watch :)
See You Soon!!