January Favourites

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hey Guys!!
I thought I would share with you my favourite items for the month :) These 5 items are my most used things lately, some of them are from Christmas and others are what I have acquired lately :) So lets begin :)
So first is my pillow I had for Christmas from Llewellyn, I have a slight obsession with Me To You items anyway, so this pillow is the perfect present. I love the pattern on it and the bear is just so cute, it is majorly soft and comfortable to sleep on :) I sleep on this pillow every night and already have said its going on the flight for holiday in August :)
Second is my new vlogging camera which Llewellyn won in a raffle through his works party :) He gave it to me as he knew I needed a smaller camera to be able to vlog with. Its a really nice size as it fits in my hand perfectly and the quality of footage is the same as a DSLR camera which is great :) I love it!!
Third is my eye mask, I had this as part of a set for Christmas off Llewellyns brother and his girlfriend :) I wear this every night to bed and must say I have been sleeping so much better with it :) I am feeling more refreshed in the mornings :) I actually have to sew the elastic back on though as it snapped the other day :(
As you know from a previous post I have a goal of how many books I am going to read through the year, and this was one of them, also the rest of the trilogy :) I am absolutely loving them, I've only just started reading this one and love it already, I seriously can't put it down :)
Also this month I was eligible for an upgrade with my mobile contract :) I was excited as I have been wanting the Sony Xperia Z1 for ages, I wanted it in black originally, but they only had white available, so had to have white :) As you can see though I have a lovely blue dotty cover on it which I got from Amazon :) I love this phone so much, the camera is amazing quality :)
And that completes my January Favourites :) All these items I am in love with and can't wait to see what this months favourites will be :)
What's been your favourite things through January?
See You Soon!!