My Week #4

Monday, 10 February 2014

Hey Guys!!
Sorry once again that this post is a day late, was a little dehydrated and do we dare say it, hungover and couldn't face the bright light of my laptop :(
This week I'm doing this post a little differently, you see I take a lot of pictures through the week rather than just one every day, so thought this week I would just pick my favourite 7 pictures from the week :) and here they are.

Sunday - Once again we had a gorgeous cooked dinner but this time we had lamb and it was delicious. I always look forward to a Sunday as the dinner is the best part.
Monday - At the moment I am finding I am absolutely obsessed with chocolate milkshake so have been drinking it everyday this week, though it does not do well with me trying to be healthy.
Friday - This day I signed up for Results With Lucy, which is Lucy from TOWIEs fitness website, and this is the workout I tried out and by god you could feel the burn so I am hoping this going to help me keep fit.
Saturday - There are 3 pictures I like from Saturday and there is number 1 which is my outfit I wore through the day, Guns and Roses top, track pants and my beanie hat and just felt so cool :) Then there was my outfit I wore out on the town (top pic with Saturday in red) I felt so comfortable in it and loved the top. Then the last pic is of me and my 'Aunty' (I don't really call her aunty as we are quite close in age so more friends than anything) who I went out on the town with and just loved this picture :)
So these were my favourite pictures from the week and we shall have to wait and see until next week to see what my favourites are for this week :)
See You Soon!!