My Week #3

Monday, 3 February 2014

Hey Guys!!
I am sorry this post is a day late, I was over my Nans yesterday so wasn't able to post. As you can see though we have come to that time again where we see what I got up to through the week :)

1. Sunday - This was the day after Llewellyns staff party and there was no better way to cure my hangover than with chicken nuggets and a chocolate milkshake, also a 3 hour nap helped as well!!
2. Tuesday - I thought I would sit in bed and read my book, but came in to see that both cats were curled up together, taking up the whole side of my bed haha
3. Wednesday - This day I was feeling a bit down so I sat down with this box of Heroes and watched a film under a blanket:)
4. Thursday - I decided to cook a nice healthy meal today and by god it tasted gorgeous!! It was chicken in a white wine sauce with croquets, delicious!!!
5. Friday - Today I decided to sit down and actually organise myself with blogs, youtube and fitness. So now you can expect regular posts and videos :) its nice to be organised for once :)
6. Saturday - Of course today was the start of the Rugby 6 Nations!! Being Welsh of course we sat and watched to support our boys in red and boy did they do well winning their first match. So we got my Mums dog Olly in on the action to and put a rugby shirt on him :)
As you may notice there is no picture for Monday but that is because I was doing housework that day and didn't do anything picture worthy :(
Well lets see what this week will bring!!
See You Soon!!