Baking: Heart Shaped Cake

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hey Guys!!
So thanks to my sister posting about her brownies she baked, I really wanted to bake a cake, I love baking anyway but it just really made me want to bake :)
I used my usual recipe which you can go over and try out HERE
All you need is:
110g Self Raising Flour
110g Caster Sugar
110g Butter/Marge
1-2tbsp Milk
1tsp Vanilla Extract
2 Free Range Eggs
Silly me didn't take any photos while I was mixing it :( but I did take a photo of the mix when I put it into the moulds :)
I put this in the oven on Gas Mark 4 and baked it for roughly 15-30 minutes to make sure it was baked all the way through. Once I took it out and let it cool before I put jam on the bottom layer and then put the top layer on :)
To decorate the cake I used:
Chocolate Fudge Icing
Gold Shimmer Spray
Glitter Sugar
Pink Icing Pen
I covered the whole cake in the chocolate icing, I must say in the pictures it looks like a big cake but it is actually only small and is enough for 2 people :) Once I finished the chocolate icing, I then sprayed the whole cake gold and it looked so nice and shiny :) then I put a bit of glitter sugar on and wrote a little message on it with my pink icing pen and this was the finished product :)
I just love how metallic it looks and I must say it tastes really delicious, though I think I may have put to much jam in the middle but still it tasted gorgeous :)
I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm hopefully going to do some more baking next week :)
See You Soon!!