My Week #5

Monday, 17 February 2014

Hey Guys!!
Another week has gone, seems like its going way to fast the time, don't you think? Especially as its been 5 weeks since I started these posts, scary stuff!!
Any how, I have sat and debated what my favourite pictures were from this week and I came up with this wonderful 7 :)

Sunday - I liked this picture as they had been fighting 5 minutes before I took this and then they were all curled up with each other as if it never happened haha
Monday - This was my first healthy meal of the week, as I have been trying really hard to eat clean and its been going pretty well. I must say this was delicious :) it was BBQ chicken with jacket potatoes, cheese and peas :)
Friday - Of course Friday was Valentines Day and of course I got my hubby a card and presents (his presents aren't pictured) but thought I would 'decorate' his envelope :) As you can see I had flowers, which is the norm I think for Valentines Day with anyone unless you don't like flowers, and I also had a new rugby shirt, me to you bear and candle :) The other Friday picture at the bottom is from a 5 minute walk from my Mums to my flat and I got soaked as this weather has been terrible :(
Saturday - I was in a bit of a baking mood thanks to my sister Chloe, she made brownies and did a blog post on it, which you can go over and read and follow her here if you'd like :) but I really fancied baking so baked this little heart cake :) I will be doing a blog post on it :)
So there you go these were my favourite pictures from this week, I'm hoping this week is going to be filled with some really fun things and just relaxing, but I am looking forward to my week off work next week :) Yay for half terms!! as much as I love my job its nice to have time off :)
See You Soon!!