Outfit of the Day: 8th Feb

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hey Guys!!
I haven't done an Outfit of the Day for a while as I haven't really been anywhere, especially with the weather as it is at the moment, but I did venture out Saturday night for a few drinks.
As it normally does, it took me a while to decide what I wanted to wear and after sending a few pictures back and forth I finally decided on my outfit.

I didn't want to wear something to dressy or casual, so sort of met in the middle and went for smart casual.
My black skirt is one I got from BooHoo.com a few years back and it is a bodycon skirt, I did have to have a new zip sewn on though as it broke a few months ago but is good as new now :) If I remember correctly it was about £8
My Jack Daniels top is a vest top and I received this as a gift at Christmas off my Mum and Dad :) I wore this as I love 'vintage' clothing and thought this definitely fell under the casual category :)
Then of course my trusty blue blazer came along for the ride to, which it smartened the outfit up. It didn't really keep me dry or warm though when it started to rain but still I love it, though I think I could do with another blazer in a different colour just so I got some variety :)
Then I wore my black ankle boot style heels from Deichmann :) along with glossy skin tone tights :)
I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm hoping there will be a lot more Outfit of the Days coming up as there is a few things I'm going out and doing over the next few weeks :)
See You Soon!!