Firework Display

Monday, 4 November 2013

Hey Guys!!

Bonfire night is looming (its tomorrow!!) and there seems to be a lot of displays going on where we live, so had a lot to choose from. I don't normally like fireworks but I am slowly getting a bit more used to them so we decided to go to a display. We wasn't sure which one to go to as you have to get tickets for some and because it was spur of the moment there wasn't many tickets left.

So Llewellyn came across Caerphilly Castle and saw that they were doing a display and it was a free event, the added bonus was that it is only half hour away from where we live :) So we set off all wrapped up in our coats and jumpers as it was freezing, also when we left it was raining and windy, to go see these fireworks :)

When we got there, there was a lot of people, I'm not to great with crowds especially in a small area, but where we were wasn't to bad, and you could see the fireworks perfectly :) We had to stand up as there was no where to sit and I didn't really want to sit on the wet, muddy grass. It took a while to start, it was meant to start at 7pm, as they were having a few technical difficulties, but when it did start it was amazing!!

The fireworks were fantastic, at one point it looked as if they were above our heads!! If you want to see the display you can watch it HERE on my YouTube channel :)

So here are a few photos, they don't do the fireworks much justice as I did mainly video as it was much easier :)

What are you all doing for Bonfire Night?

See You Soon!! xxxx