Making Beef Stew!!!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hey Guys!!!

So Winter has officially began in my eyes as I have made my very first stew of the season, as well as my very first stew ever :) Silly me can't seem to find the recipe I used but as soon as I do I will post it in this post :)

I thought that been as though Llewellyn was off work last night I would make a nice, delicious, beef stew. Also I wanted to actually use my slow cooker as it just sits on the counter top not getting used :)

So the vegetables I used for it was 3 carrots, 1 swede and 3 potatoes as you can see below in the picture :) Also I used 400g of stewing beef :)

First off I fried all 400g beef off, turning it brown so that it would cook a bit quicker :)

Once I had done that, I then peeled all the carrots and chopped them in to slices and put them in with the beef :)

I then peeled the potatoes and swede and chopped all them up and put that in with all the beef and carrots :)

Once all the vegetables had been added I then added two beef Oxo cubes and roughly 700ml of water, though you can put as much water in as you need :)

As soon as the water and the Oxo cubes mixed together it started to smell gorgeous, I did stir it round a bit so all the vegetables and beef was mixed together :) The recipe said it would take 8 hours to cook if on low, so I put it on high and it cooked in half the time :) while cooking though the whole flat smelt blooming gorgeous and every time I went in the kitchen I would smell it :)

So after a very long 4 hours it was finally done and I couldn't wait to dish it up into some lovely deep bowls and dip lots of bread in it and just enjoy the lovely warm feeling stew seems to give you :)

In review the recipe was a great one especially as I had never made one before, it was very easy to follow as it was explained in simple terms, though how more simple than chopping and frying can you get haha Eating it was delicious the vegetables were just the right softness and the juice was just the right thickness, well it wasn't to thick or to thin, all in all it was gorgeous :)

Do any of you think its the start of winter when you start making stew? Or is there any traditions that you have for the start of winter?

For me it is definitely the start of winter when you got the smell of stew floating around, some lovely Christmas scented candles burning, and a lovely warm blanket cuddled up with the husband. Also it means my birthday is on its way and so is Christmas :D

Well I Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!! Let Me Know If Any Of You Have Made Stew!!!

See You Soon!!!