My Winter Reading!!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Hey Guys!!!

If there is one thing I love doing during the Winter, other than stew, it has got to be curling up with a nice, warm blanket, a cup of tea and a really good book. I could read for hours and hours with a good book in hand and just go off into my own little world, while doing it.

So I thought I would show you what I am going to be reading over the Winter. I have just finished my Lord of the Rings Trilogy, so obviously now need something new to read and thankfully I have a lot of books that I still have yet to read. So I have decided my next reading goal is to complete The Hunger Games Trilogy, I had these as a Christmas present from a friend as she recommended them to me to read.

What I am going to do as well, each book that I finish I am going to do a little review on it so that if there is any of you that hasn't read them yet you can see if its worth reading. To be honest I have watched the film and thought the film was fantastic so hopefully the book is just as fantastic :D
If any of you readers have read it what did you think of the book?
Now as it doesn't really take me long to read a book, the review will probably be up next week so keep your eyes peeled for that post :D As for right now I am going to go and start the first book :D