What's In My Shower Bag?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hey Guys!!!

Hope you're all ok and enjoying your week so far :)

So I was sat here thinking what have I not seen yet, as we've seen What's In My Handbag? & What's In My Makeup Bag? tags but what about What's In My Shower Bag? So here we go, here is what is in my shower bag :)

So my shower bag I got because I needed a new shower bag for my honeymoon :) I seen this in Primark and fell in love with it as I loved the pattern and the colours, I also loved the size as I tend to use quite a lot of products when I'm away and just in general :) This particular one was £4 and I happen to have the matching makeup bag :) which you will see soon :)

So first off I just have my usual Eeyore flannel that I always use for holidays and have had it for years (don't worry it does get washed) so I'm not sure where its from. Then I have my contact lenses for when I want to wear them, which is not very often haha Of course I have my toothbrush holder which keeps it clean and doesn't get any lotions etc. on it. Then a must have which are my replacement razor blades for when they need replacing :)

Then I have my self tanning mitt which I actually haven't used yet as (touch wood) my tan hasn't faded yet, but I don't use self tan, like Fake Bake, I use tinted moisturiser. I got this from Primark and I think it was about £1, so a total bargain :) I then also have my exfoliating gloves which I use in the shower, bath and when moisturising :) I love using these as my skin always feels gorgeous afterwards and I always feel extra clean after using them :)

These are the products that I use regularly and also the products I love :) So I will go from left to right so you know what I'm talking about :) So I have Herbal Essences Shampoo as this is the only product I can use on my hair as for some reason nothing else seems to work or clean my hair properly, so I always use this now :) the smell is also gorgeous when using this, so I always have nice smelling hair :)

Then I have Ted Baker Body Fragrance spray which I use for a little spritz when I'm about to go out or sometimes I do take it with me to freshen up through the day, the smell is absolutely divine and is, I would say, a bit floral and summery, so its definitely a good spray to use in the summer :)

I then have hair removal cream from Avon Cosmetics which I use for the tops of my legs as the tops of my legs tend to be sensitive to a razor so it is better for me to use a hair removal cream :)

I then use my tinted moisturiser which is Dove Summer Glow for Fair to Medium Skin which is fantastic, as I used it for my Wedding to give me a bit of colour and after about 2 uses it went quite dark, so I definitely recommend this for winter if you want to have a bit of colour or if you want to keep your tan going from a holiday :) It is a bit expensive but I managed to find it when it was on offer in Boots at £2.49 and luckily I had some Boots points and used them. I actually only started using this as my friends sister recommended it, so its definitely a must have in my eyes :)

Then last but not least my shower gel :) I am currently using Palmolives Naturals in Pampering Touch which has Coconut and Moisturising Milk :) It smells absolutely gorgeous and is rather silky compared to other shower gels that I have used. It definitely does what it says on the tin with the moisturising aspect as my skin feels so soft afterwards especially as I use my exfoliating gloves to wash with :) I can't actually remember where I got this but I think I got it while it was on offer as I bought 4 of them haha

Well I hope you have enjoyed finding out What's In My Shower Bag? and I invite any of you that reads this blog to have a go and let me know so I can see your post :)

Hope you all have a great day and will see you all soon :)