Travel Bucket List

Friday, 24 July 2015

Hey Guys!!

From the very first time I flew, which was only 5 years ago, I have basically wanted to travel the world. Especially as all I see on Instagram is people going away or pictures of white sands and clear water. I love travelling and experiencing new foods, places & cultures.

There are many places I want to visit from cities to whole countries and I thought I would share these places I'd like to visit with you.

1. All the Greek Islands & Mainland Greece.
2. Barcelona
3. Milan
4. Rome
5.The Grand Canyon
6. I'd like to drive Route 66
7. The Northern Lights
8. Skiing/Snowboarding in the Alps
9. Bondai Beach
10. Christmas in New York

These are just some of the things I really want to do/visit. Maybe we will do them all, maybe we won't get to but it will be great to try and achieve them.

Do you have anywhere that you really want to visit/do?

Hope you enjoyed today's post!!

See You Soon!!