InstaLately #10

Monday, 6 July 2015

Hey Guys!!

As I was a little late with InstaLately last week you get an extra bunch of pictures today!! I must say I have been a little snap happy on Instagram lately and I'm trying to up my game a little bit. I do want to have a bit more of a consistent theme throughout my feed but don't really want to delete pictures, any ideas what I could do? 

Reading - If you are a new reader and didn't know I wrote a post back in January about my reading goal for 2015 here. Well I was slacking a little bit but I am on my 5th book now and it is a Stephen King book, still not sure if I'm going to like it!! I don't like watching horrors so this may end up in the freezer!! You can also find me on Goodreads

Me Time - I have been making the concious decision of having a little more 'Me Time' and just relaxing. Like last night for instance I lit some candles, ran a bath, created way to many bubbles ooppss!! and relaxed. Also I had the Moulin Rouge soundtrack playing!!

Food - Who doesn't love food? I have been a bad Blogger/Instagrammer though as I have been out for food quite a few times lately and was that hungry I forgot to take a picture. I have been loving food lately whether it be cooking myself, going out for dinner or even ordering take away. Dominos on speed dial, I think so!!

How has your week been?
I hope you have enjoyed todays post!!

See You Soon!!