Garden Plans

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hey Guys!!

In the Summer I like to sit out in my garden, enjoy a good book or enjoy eating my meals and just generally enjoy being outside. The garden is quite large, as you can see from above, and there a few things I would like to do. So for today I thought I would share those plans with you.

This is the top section of the garden, they are 3 levels, and we use this for eating, relaxing and just chilling out. The idea is that I would like to put a outdoor corner seat where that black 'L' shape is along with a fire pit and intertwine some fairy lights on the railings, so then I will have a nice little area where I can read. That 'X' is rubbish that needs to go so that won't be there either. Also I need to get a parasol for the table.

This middle section, there isn't really much I can do to because as you can see our washing line is there. I want to re-pot all the plants though that have died and we are going to put a gas BBQ in one of the sections either side of the steps.

This area we want to fill all the gaps in the slabs with concrete so it will be easier to clean and sweep, fix the swing as it actually falls to one side and re-pot the trees either side of it as they have died. I am thinking of maybe getting a chimnea or another fire pit to go on this level.

Then in this area we want to put glass or something to the same standard in the shed window as they are basically just two big holes at the moment. We need to fill all the gaps in the slabs with concrete and put some fresh stones in the flowerbed you can see to the left, where the big plant has fallen over.

So overall the plan is:

-Get an outdoor corner sofa
-Get possibly 2 firepits
-Put fairy lights on the railings
-Get rid of all the rubbish to the side and from the shed
-Fill all the gaps in the slabs with concrete
-Fix the swing
-Re-pot all plants
-Get glass for shed window

That I don't think is to bad for a Summer DIY!! I will update you along the way as we do it so you can see the progress.

Do you have any Summer DIY's you'd like to do?

See You Soon!!