Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Hey Guys!!

I realised I only had one LUSH bath bomb left!! So thought I would stock up on one or two more. Also Chloe had got a bath bomb she didn't like so we are swapping one. I decided to get 2 different bath bombs this time that I have yet to try.

The first one is Phoenix Rising, I have actually seen a video on this one and it looks amazing. I also love the fact it smells of cinnamon and I am obsessed with anything that smells of cinnamon!! I really can't wait to try this!!

The second one I got is from the Easter collection, Chloe also has one. This is called Golden Egg of course, it is very glittery and can see the bath being covered in gold glitter. According to the website it is toffee scented and full of cocoa butter which is amazing on my skin. I may have to keep this one for Easter!!

This item is actually a repurchase as Llewellyn got me this for Christmas and I must say it has done wonders for my skin. As you can see it is called Mask of Magnaminty and it smells gorgeous, I would happily eat it if I could!! I would definitely recommend this if you get bad breakouts like I do sometimes!!

I will do reviews on them all when I use them so you get to look forward to that. Also I have included all links if you wanted to try these items yourselves.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

See You Soon!!