Phoenix Rising

Friday, 17 April 2015

Hey Guys!!

I'm now fully into my ritual of having showers through the week and reserving a Sunday as my relaxation night. So that can only mean one thing I used one of my Lush bath bombs!!

I have been wanting to get this one for a long time and was so happy when I ordered it. I love the smell of cinnamon so I was sold as soon as I seen that, that was the scent.

I love the look of this bath bomb as it is so pretty and glittery, it actually didn't smell as strong as I thought it would though. It also took a long time for it to fizz away but the colour it left was gorgeous.

It left a dark purple colour behind but I still don't think the scent is that strong. I would still get it again though as it is very pretty and my skin felt amazing afterwards.

If you'd like to try this Phoenix Rising bath bomb you can find it here.

Hope you enjoyed this little post :)

See You Soon!!