Top 5 Disney Princess Movies

Friday, 10 April 2015

Hey Guys!!

Today I thought I would share with you an absolute love/obsession of mine as I have been watching a lot of them lately......

and they are Disney Princess Movies!!

Yes, yes I know I am a child at heart but I just love them so much and who doesn't love Disney, to be honest! Come on be honest you know you do!!! Anyway I thought I would share my Top 5 that I can literally watch over and over again and never get tired of.


Of course number 1 is The Little Mermaid, if you follow me on Snapchat I actually snapped little snippets of it, if not my username is planetvikki. I just love the whole idea of swimming under the water with all the fish, if I wasn't terrified, and the singing, god I love the singing!! My favourite song out of this whole film is Part of Your World, I literally know it word for word!!


Next is Tangled, this film is so funny, I cry with laughter throughout the whole thing. I love Flynn and how he just expects Rapunzel to be in love with him. It's such a lovely story though and I love watching it develop. Of course I have a favourite song and that is I See The Light, who doesn't love that song, it's such a feel good song.


Now if my family are reading this, Hey Family!! they will be surprised that I have put this 3rd. Now Pocahontas was literally my all time favourite when I was little, I was obsessed. I had everything from dolls, bed sets, curtains and even my room was decorated with Pocahontas. The biggest thing though was that I wanted to be her, literally wanted to change my name and live in the woods. I just love it right from the beginning to the very end, there's actually no words to describe how much I love this film!!


The thing I love about this film is the moral of the story, to never judge a book by its cover!! You know what I have always stood by that and never judge someone until I get to know that person. Of course my favourite part is when they dance in the ballroom, I love her dress and the ceiling in that room, to die for!!


Lastly it has to be Snow White. I love how sweet and innocent this film is to be honest, though it did make me think that if you whistled forest animals would come and clean your room, I was 5 people!! I also love it because it is a complete classic and I don't think you can truly say you're a Disney fan unless you've seen at least most of the classics.

What are your favourites?

Well I hope you enjoyed this little post!!

See You Soon!!