Chick Devil's Food Cupcakes

Friday, 24 April 2015

Hey Guys!!

Again I had the baking bug and decided to make some cupcakes. These cupcakes I hadn't made before either and also it was the first time I have properly decorated cupcakes as you'll see.

All you need is:
Devil's Food Cupcakes Mix
30ml Vegetable Oil (2 tbsp)
60ml Water (4 tbsp)
2 medium Free Range Eggs

I put all the ingredients into my mixer and mixed it altogether for about 2-3 minutes on number 2.

Until it was a lovely and smooth mixture.

I then spooned them into the their cases and baked them in the centre of the oven at 160 degrees for 16 minutes.

To decorate them I used ready to roll yellow icing, caramel and chocolate writing pens and the icing provided.

Once they had cooled overnight I then mixed together the powder, 60g of soft butter and 10ml (2 tsp) of water. I must say the icing smelt gorgeous!!

I iced all the cakes with the chocolate icing, then rolled out the yellow icing, cut out 9 circles and 18 tear drop shapes. Then as you can see used the chocolate writing pen for the eyes and the caramel on for its beak and feet.

I did actually make these for Easter and they were delicious. I thought they came out really well as I've never really decorated cupcakes like this before.

You can get the recipe here or from any local supermarket as it is on the box of mix.

You can also see me making and icing them in this Vlog and this Vlog!!

See You Soon!!