Lemon Cupcakes

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Hey Guys!!

Lately I have been loving baking so much and have been baking something new every week. I have been cheating though as I have been using a mix, rather than baking from scratch. Between work, blogging and Youtube I haven't had time to bake from scratch, but it's calming down so will have plenty of time.

This time I decided to make some Lemon Cupcakes as I had not used this mix before and I've not tried Lemon Cupcakes either.

All you need is:
Sunny Lemon Cupcakes Mix
30ml of Vegetable Oil (2 tbsp)
60ml of Water (4 tbsp)
2 medium Free Range Eggs

I put all the ingredients into my mixer and mixed it on number 2 for 2-3 minutes.

Until it looked like this.

I then spooned the mixture into 9 cupcake cases and baked them for 16 minutes at 160 degrees as I have a fan assisted oven. As you can see from above there they are before and after.

Once they had cooled down I then mixed together the Icing mixture with 60g of soft butter, I use Stork butter, and 10ml (2 tsp) of water to make the icing.

I then iced all the cakes with a butter knife and sprinkled them with rainbow sprinkles to add some colour rather than the sprinkles provided.

I must say these cakes were delicious and you could definitely taste the Lemon in them. It wasn't to Lemon-y which was nice as I think it would be to 'sour' otherwise, they were also very soft and chewy which I like in a cupcake.

You can find this recipe here or you can go into any local supermarket to have a try yourself.

You can also see me making these in this Vlog and icing them in this Vlog!!

See You Soon!!