InstaLately #6

Monday, 20 April 2015

Hey Guys!!

This week has been mostly positive but did have a little negative midweek. The weather has still been gorgeous and has also been a really good reading week.

Negative - The only negative this week has been that my anxiety has been a bugger. Llewellyn was away overnight Wednesday and it was a terrible night. I couldn't sleep, I cried and just wished he was home.

Reading - As I said above reading has been really good this week. I finished Wuthering Heights yesterday and has now started a new book which is Robinson Crusoe. I actually have a goal of 10 books this year so am on track but do want to read more if I can. You can see the post HERE.

Loving - I actually love the fact I have caught up on all my washing, #adultlife ha ha. I am also loving the time me and Llewellyn are getting to spend together whether it be watching films, goofing around or just cuddling on the sofa.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks edition!!

See You Soon!!