Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Hey Guys!!

Now I love social media, just as much as the next person, as a blogger I feel I have to be as present as I can be. I have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I always, without fail, jump on the bandwagon, so when Snapchat came around, of course I joined.

The thing I love about Snapchat is that it is instant and you really don't have to think about it. I love being able to see little bursts of peoples lives, I am quite nosey! I also like the fact you see peoples true personalities as like I said above it is instant, so when you think of posting you just post.

I'm not great at posting on my story all the time but I am trying to get better at it as I like to be present on social media. From a blogging aspect it is great to show people behind the scenes of upcoming posts, how I schedule things, when posts go live, etc. This is why I love following bloggers on there. From a personal aspect I love showing my personality through my story, how wierd my cat is, if I'm travelling somewhere, etc.

If you'd like to follow me and see how wierd my life can get, here's my snapcode :)

Also here are some people I love following as they are hilarious and I love seeing into their lives!!

jemmamorgan - the author behind Dorkface, I love her snaps, they are so funny and her cat is so cute!!

calvinharris - I love his music but he has me in hysterics on his stories!!

casparlee1994 - who doesn't love Caspar!!

clc_17 - I am obsessed with Geordie Shore, as you can tell, there are another 2 from it on this list. I like to think we would be best friends, she is so funny!!

gabblindley - I love with Gabby just how down to earth she is and Nelly is the cutest cat!!

jackhoward92 - I love Jack when he uses all the filters, it is just so hilarious!!

officialzoella - I love Zoe so much!! She is so pretty and funny!

gaz2270 - Again from Geordie Shore, I do love Gary, he isn't to bad on the eye either!

thehazelhayes - She has only just joined Snapchat and I can see it now, that I will just be constantly laughing!!

scottyfuckint - Can you tell I'm obsessed with Geordie Shore yet? I love him, even though his reputation is a bit of a ladies man, I secretly think he is a big softy lol!

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what you think of Snapchat!!

Also leave your usernames and I will follow you to!!

See You Soon!!