Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hey Guys!!

This Saturday just gone was another Rugby day so of course I watched it, then me and my sister went out for a few drinks. Luckily this was a planned night out so had already planned my outfit a few days before. Don't get me wrong I like a spontaneous night out but that's where I struggle to find clothes to wear!

Due to our weather not being the warmest, especially as we are still February, I decided on my black jumpsuit and then used a pink blouse I have had for ages as a jacket. I felt very smart in it as the jumpsuit is so 'clean cut' and I also feel very grown up wearing it, not like I'm 25 or anything. 

Jumpsuit - New Look

Blouse - Primark

Shoes - Primark

Unfortunately these items are not sold in these stores now but you may be able to get something similar. Also sorry for the rubbish photo as I completely forgot to take a decent one so used my one off Snapchat.

Is this something you would wear?

See You Soon!!