Jammie Dodger Cupcakes

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Hey Guys!!

As I had a week off work I thought I would take advantage of that and actually done some baking. I love baking and can't get enough of it but I really don't bake enough, I would like to change that.

This week I decided to do cupcakes but do them a little differently instead of doing my usual cupcakes with icing on top. I actually seen this recipe on another blog called Forever Baking and wanted to make my own. I did mine a little differently though as I done Red Velvet instead of Vanilla, you would never guess that I love Red Velvet.

So the ingredients you need are:

105ml Vegetable Oil
200ml Water
3 Eggs
Betty Crocker Red Velvet Mix

I put all of these ingredients in to a mixing bowl, as you do, and mixed it altogether.

While they baked I got everything ready to decorate the cakes. I used 175g Icing Sugar, 75g Butter, 3 tbsp Water, a few drops of Vanilla Essence, Strawberry Jam and Mini Jammie Dodgers.

The cupcakes took 20 minutes to bake at Gas Mark 4 and while they cooled I got the buttercream icing ready.

Once they had cooled I used a knife to cut little circles in the cakes so that I could add Jam to the middle, then added the icing.

Then for the finishing touch of the cupcakes I added a Mini Jammie Dodger to the top of each cake.

They turned out so well and so far all my family have really liked them and said they are delicious. I would make these again in a heart beat and I think they would be perfect for Valentines Day or a birthday party.

What do you think of these cupcakes?

See You Soon!!