How I Edit My Instagram Photos'

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Hey Guys!!

Like most people, I love Instagram and love sharing a little part of my day with everyone. I used to just post whenever I wanted to but now have more of a theme going on. Every other day I post a picture of an object and then on the other days I post a 'selfie'. I love my theme as it's consistent and when you look at my feed it flows really nicely now.

So today I thought I would share with you how I edit my photos'. I do the same on every photo and also I don't edit them before I put them on Instagram as my phone camera is so good now. 

The first thing I do is the Brightness and I put this up to 30.

Then I go onto the Warmth and also put this up to 30.

I then go into the Colours section and for shadows I use blue (as you can see below) at 30, then the highlights I use a lighter blue at 20.

Then I move along the line to Highlights and put that on 30 to.

I then do Shadows next and put that to 30.

To finish off the editing I then Sharpen up the image and again I put it to 30.

Here you can see the difference between the original (top) and the photo I then put on Instagram (bottom)

And that is basically all I do. I don't always add Brightness and Highlights as sometimes the picture comes out pretty good and doesn't need a lot of editing. I think with the blue tones it looks a lot cooler and does give my feed a nice, cool theme.

If you would like to have a nose at my Instagram & follow me, you can find me at planetvikki_x Also if you have Instagram leave your links below and I will have a little nose.

How do you edit your photo's?

See You Soon!!