Think Pink ox

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hey Guys!!

On Sunday I decided to have a pamper evening, which there will be a post going up on Friday of it. Anyway I wanted to use one of my LUSH bath bombs that I had for Christmas as I did have a few.

I always find it hard to pick one so decided on the one my Mum got me called Think Pink. I have never used this one before so was intrigued as to what it would be like. The smell was gorgeous and came across floral and sweet to me.

I put it in once I had completely run my bath. It fizzed away quite quickly and left behind little hearts, the smell still lingered which was nice as it made me feel relaxed. With the colour of the water I was a little disappointed as I was expecting it to go really pink but I still liked it. Once I got out of the bath my skin felt so soft and I would get it again but I wouldn't rush to get it.

Have you used this one before?

I hope you enjoyed this little review!!

See You Soon!!