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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hey Guys!!

Today begins my weekly series of Guest Posts. I like the idea of helping people get their writing out there or helping other Bloggers, that's one of the reasons I love this whole community. 

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So here is the lovely Remi with a little introduction about herself and her post :)

"Hi everyone! My name is Remi, a Melbourne based marketing student with a passion for writing, fashion and all things DIY! I enjoy dancing and doing fun things with people I care about. Feel free to drop me a line at or find me on facebook and twitter."

Why Your Outfit is Not Helping Your Career!!

Building a successful professional career is a highly exhausting process that can sometimes last for a very long time. Its final result depends on many factors, but our personal devotion has always been considered as the basic one. However, when you take up a new job, there are many things you need to do in order to accommodate. Firstly, there are numerous responsibilities you need to take on. Apart from that, you have to completely adapt to the new professional setting and to start from the very beginning. If you want to be appreciated and considered as a real professional, you need to act and look like one. Therefore, you have to adjust even small things such as your wardrobe, to make it seem sophisticated and elegant. 

Don’t look up to Erin Brockovich!!

Have you ever spotted a woman whose entire look is not appropriate for her profession? Well, just remember the role of Erin Brockovich played by Julia Roberts. Although she was a real professional, her overly aggressive outfit repelled everyone and people didn’t consider her reliable enough. We can draw numerous conclusions from that example, but the most important one is: If you don’t look like a professional, you will be simply disregarded as untrustworthy.

If you are still uncertain about what not to wear in the office, here are several tips that could be helpful. Firstly, you should reconsider the colors of your clothes. When it comes to your job, your outfit represents your personality and reveals a lot about you as a professional. This is why you should strictly avoid aggressive colors or some extreme contrasts, since they have a negative influence on both you and your environment. Another detail you have to skip is animal print on your clothes, since it is considered highly vulgar and inappropriate.

When it comes to the choice of the sole clothes, there are many things you should avoid. Don’t wear old clothes that show a lot of wear and tear, because they will depict you as someone who doesn’t care about their appearance at all. By wearing old clothes that went out of fashion a long time ago, you may subconsciously express yourself as someone who doesn’t like changes and prosperity, which could also influence your further progress within the company you work for. Secondly, you should avoid wearing pieces that are too tight or too short - you simply need to eliminate hot pants, leggings, miniskirts and cutoffs from your wardrobe. Although these pieces could look amazing on a casual occasion, in the business world they would belittle your real professional potentials and bring you only the disrespect of your colleagues. Similarly, overly short skirts and transparent dresses of lightweight fabrics are not suitable for the office.  Also, pay attention to details. Even though it is very important for you to put some additional accessories to your daily outfit, you should not exceed some usual limits. For instance, choosing lots of completely different pieces of jewelry would look ridiculous. Finally, you have to keep in mind that extremely high shoes may distract you from your regular activities, which would again, influence your further progress.

Feel sexy and confident every day!!

However, you shouldn’t be discouraged at all. You can always make radical changes regarding your outfit. Let’s begin with colors again. If you want to feel happy and satisfied, you should mix some more neutral colors such as brown, beige, white, black or gray, with some brighter colors like emerald green and turquoise. Anyhow, the transitions and contrasts should be mild and soft. When it comes to the office-worthy clothes, you should always have several items that can be easily paired with almost everything. One of these versatile items is a blazer- a classic solution worth every penny. They go well with both jeans and some more elegant pieces. Blazers beautifully shape and emphasize your silhouette, as well as give you feminine curves and make the waist thinner. A sheath dress could also be an ideal solution for you. It is lightweight, soft and really comfortable. More importantly, it will make you look amazing. There are various internet sites where you could buy one of these beautiful dresses online. You could also pick a skirt that fits your shape, and combine it with a silk blouse- this combination will make you look sexy and confident.

While working, you are constantly facing many stressful situations and, depending on the way you deal with them, you will be rewarded by your superiors. This is one of the reasons why disruptions shouldn’t appear. The annoying pain in your feet could be a sign that you need to replace your shoes with more comfortable ones. For example, you could start wearing flats or kitten heels, that won’t cause so much pain during the day.  You should also play with accessories and combine numerous details. Make your outfit stylish with a watch or an elegant piece of jewelry.  Besides that, you could embellish it with a colorful scarf, large sunglasses or a leather handbag.

There is a never-ending relationship between your job and personal attitudes. Your unfashionable and dull style may simply repel people, and thus, automatically lower the chances for your possible advancement in a certain field. Your job should represent a source of your creativity and relaxation. Following these tips, you will be able to update your wardrobe, which could result in many positive results career wise. You will be amazed when people start complimenting you on your awesome fitting blazer!