Travel Toiletries xo

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hey Guys!!
When going away for me my toiletries are the most important thing, I like to make sure I have everything that is essential and I won't take anything I don't need. I have a lot of toiletries so I tend to take things I am currently using or I will use things I don't usually use so my shower bag is always ready :)

I decided to take my Palmolive shower gel with Coconut as I've used that before and it smells so nice and refreshing :) I'm taking Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner as that is better for my hair at the moment, I get mine from Tesco. I'm taking a moisturiser this time to hopefully stop myself from peeling and also to keep my skin hydrated. The one I am taking is from Avon and is a Firming Moisturiser :) I've also got my trusty exfoliating glove and my face cloth :) Then of course my toothpaste, got to keep these teeth white :)
I know these are not quite toiletries but I pack them altogether :) I'm taking my Lacoste Touch of Pink and Far Away Gold for the evenings and might spritz some on in the day if we are going on an excursion or something. Then of course my trusty deodorants :) Dove 48 hour care and Impulse :)
Luckily all this then fits into this gorgeous, material toiletry bag I had for Christmas off Llewellyns' Mum and Dad. I was actually surprised it all fitted in there haha
Hope You've Enjoyed This Post!!
See You Soon!!