Travel Make Up xo

Monday, 4 August 2014

Hey Guys!!
Its not long now and I will be jetting off to sun kissed island, tanning it up on a beautiful beach :) But when the sun goes down and the evening kicks in we will probably be eating food out and about :) Of course that meant I needed to go through my make up collection and decide what I was going to take.
I decided not to take to much as it will be hot and I don't want to use to much make up and end up sweating it off!! So here is what I am taking :)
I decided instead of using my usual foundation, I've opted for BB Cream. The one I got is Solutions BB Cream with SPF15 from Avon Cosmetics, I got it in Shade Light as I don't have a dark complexion so it will be perfect :) I will use this if we go on day trips and also in the evenings :) I'm also taking my highlighting powder and bronzing powder which will be more for the evenings :) Both are from MUA in Superdrug.
For my eyes I am taking my usual Long Lasting Mascara in Black and ColorTrend Eyeliner in Black, both from Avon Cosmetics. I'm also taking my usual pencil eyeshadow in a Golden Brown also from Avon Cosmetics. The only new products I am taking is another eyeshadow pencil in Pink Diamond and an eyeshadow primer in Natural Beige :)
I'm getting out of my comfort zone here by taking lipsticks with me, I don't usually use them but there's nothing wrong with stepping out of your comfort zone a little. The one on the right is a Tinted Lip Care in Pink, I love the fact it comes in a gorgeous white tube :) The other one is a Matte Lipstick and is very natural looking as its more or less the same colour as my lips :) Both are from Avon Cosmetics.
Of course I can't not take my favourite summer shades, these are in Naked Truth, Sea Breeze and Suddenly Sunny. The Suddenly Sunny (yellow) I use on my toes and then I will swap and change between Naked Truth and Sea Breeze on my fingers.

Then the non-make up items I am taking are my All Over Face Brush, Angled Blush Brush and Foundation Brush all from Avon as you can see, I have to get a new Foundation Brush so the one pictured is probably not the one I will definitely be taking. Then I have my make up setting spray to keep all my make up in place, my Simple Facial Wipes to take said make up off at the end of the night and my gorgeous Audrey Hepburn compact mirror :)
Then as you can see in the title photo I will be taking it all in a pink plastic cosmetic bag :)
Hope You've Enjoyed This Post!!
See You Soon!!