What's In My HandBag?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hi guys as I said I would do a What's In My Handbag? here it is. Suprisingly I haven't got the kitchen sink in there haha :) I have separated the contents in my bag into categories/section which are as follows, Normal Stuff To Have, Medical, Random, Body Care and Diaries.

So here we go with What's In My HandBag?

My bag I am using at the moment is one I had for my birthday last year off my then fiancée (now my husband), so not sure of the name of it but I know it's from Avon Cosmetics. Its brown leather on the outside with green lining on the inside, which I would say is like a dark mint. I love this bag as its a bit bigger than a normal handbag and has a bit of a satchel look to it, which I love :)

So first I have my purse which is obviously a normal thing to have in your bag and also  have my chequebook which is rarely used at all. My purse is the actual matching purse to my bag from Avon Cosmetics and again was for my birthday last year :) Of course there are my cards and things, but most importantly no money haha well maybe a penny or two :)

 So also in my bag are my inhalers as I am asthmatic, I don't always need to use them but they are there just in case I do need them :) For some reason I still have surgical tape in my bag from when I had to tape my fingers up because I thought I broke my finger, but I hadn't it just decided to be painful :( whilst shopping as well :( Also I have my E45 as sometimes I can come out with a bit of Eczma on my chest so I have it in my bag just in case, also it seems to be the best thing for my dry skin to :)

I also have a ruler in my bag (see what I mean by random) as you never know when you may need to measure something ;):) Also there's my handsfree/headphones for my phone, spare contact lenses and my glasses case just in case I need them :)

So now we are on to what I have that takes care of me :) I obviously have deodorant which is Dove 48hr Deodorant in Grapefruit, which smells divine :) I actually got this while I was on Honeymoon as it was so hot and really didn't want to start smelling which would've been rather embarrassing :( I also have from the Skin So Soft range from Avon Cosmetics hand cream which I use after work and just whenever I feel I need to refresh my hands or they feel a bit rough :) Also there is my Simple Facial Wipes which I use to freshen up and also I use these to take any make up off, what's good about these as well is that they are for sensitive skin :D Then there is my manicure set which is stainless steel (ooo posh ;)) but I don't know where its from as it was a gift :)

Then last but not least my diaries, I would be no where if I didn't have my diary as I record appointments, where I've been, where I'm going and whatever else needs to go in there, its literally my lifeline & I get one every year :) The Winnie the Pooh notebook is what I am currently using to record what I have got everyone for Christmas as I have a really bad habit of getting things then putting them somewhere and forgetting where they are and who its' for :( The other little notebook is what I record how much I give to my Mum for Hampers as she does that and anything else I am paying off or for :)

Then obviously I have my phone, iPod Touch and Camera which I haven't pictured :)

Well I hope you have enjoyed my post :) & learnt a little about me from what I have in my bag :)

Feel free to comment, follow and ask me anything you want, if there are certain things you want me to do/review/whatever just ask away :)

Hope everyone is having a good day see you soon :):):):):):)