Shopping Haul

Saturday, 14 September 2013

So I had to go into the town centre today as that's what we always to do on a Saturday and I had to pick up some things as well as us picking up some extras.

So I got these shoes ready for my new job as I need full shoes and a thicker sole, hopefully these will be ok. These shoes are from Primark and were £6, I really like them though as I don't really have many flat shoes and when it comes to flats I wear daps a lot. Also while in Primark I found these fashion tights, they are thick, black tights and will go great for winter. These were only £3 and I'm not actually sure if I have actually got anything already that will go with them but that gives me an excuse to go shopping again haha

So also we popped in to Poundland as we had to get batteries (not pictured) for my Xbox controller, but also we seen these sweets. I don't eat very many sweets I tend to only eat chocolate, but I absolutely love Dolly Mixtures :) and of course they were only £1 :)

So because I am going up my best friend Katie's tonight with my other best friend Sarah so we can have a drink and a natter, I picked up something we can snack on as we all tend to chip in and bring stuff to whoevers house we're going to. So I picked up 3 flavours of Pringles, Original (which I love), Sour Cream and Salt and Vinegar, these were all out of Iceland and were £1.50 each.


 So that was my shopping for today, I will be doing some clothes shopping soon I think to stock up on some winter clothes, and also just to refresh my wardrobe as it seems a little outdated at the moment :( so there will be another shopping haul soon :)

Hope everyone is having a good day/weekend, see you all soon :)