Friday, 13 September 2013

I had my interview at Next at 12pm :) yesterday (12/9) & I was really nervous as I always am when it comes to interviews, I get very tongue tied.

She asked me the usual questions of what would I bring to the job, what would I do in certain situations, etc. I answered the best I could as I'm not very good at talking myself up at all, I can be quite negative about myself :( She then asked about my previous job in a stock room, as that's what the job is, so I told her all that I had to do like organising the stock, replenishing the shelves & keeping it tidy, etc. That was literally my interview, it was all of 5 minutes.

To be honest I wasn't very confident as to whether I got it or not as I couldn't really tell whether it had gone well or not, as they didn't really give anything away.

So skip ahead to about 6pm I had a phone call, I didn't recognise the number so of course answered it. It was Next basically ringing to say they had discussed it and was happy to offer me the job. Cue very excited person over here :):):):):):):):):) I have my Induction on Thursday (19/9) which is 2 hours of watching videos' about health and safety I presume and things like that, then I have my first actual shift on the Sunday (22/9)

I am so happy I got it as it means I'm surrounded by gorgeous clothes, shoes & Home d├ęcor :) and also I have a bit of extra income which is always handy :)

Anyway I am off for now as I am in a lot of pain with my back today :( so going to have a lie down :( and the next post will be What's In My Makeup Bag?

Hope you're all having a good day :)