Outfit Of The Day 14/9

Saturday, 14 September 2013

So I thought I would post my outfit of the day, as I am popping up my friends house tonight and wanted to show you what I'm wearing.

So this is my outfit, its just casual, I know there isn't a lot of colour, its a lot of grey today, this is why I need to go shopping.

So the cardigan is from Primark and was actually a Christmas present for Llewellyn but he wasn't fussed on it so I started wearing it instead. It can be quite itchy but not to much as its wool, but the itchy kind.

My jeans are from a catalogue I have called Studio and got them last winter as I didn't seem to have any jeans for some reason. They're Skinny jeans and are so comfortable and you can easily move in them, as some skinny jeans you are restricted movement wise.

My top is also from Primark and I have had this top for years and it does seem to go with a lot of my clothes :) so that tends to be the top I where a lot.

My shoes are also from Primark, which I bought for summer (I think) and I constantly wear these to work and just everyday things :)

My glasses are prescription from Boots and they were £25, so you can't go wrong. I used to have smaller frames but wanted to try something different and these seemed to suit me so have had these for the past 6 months :)

Hope You're Having A Great Day :)