The Jungle Book

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Hey Guys!!

You might already know this but I am a huge Disney fan and of course when I heard that they were making a live action version of The Jungle Book, I had to see it.

So last Tuesday me and the other half went to the cinema in Friars Walk to see it. I won't say to much but I am sure you all know the story of Mowgli but it was an absolutely fantastic film.

I loved every minute of it and apart from a few little changes the story was exactly the same and I loved the fact that it was (I am very picky when it comes to re-makes). I do think some parts might be a bit dark or scary for children but I think they would love it also. Definitely a 5/5 from me!!

What did you think of it if you have seen it?

See You Soon!!