Planet Vikki Recommends: The Ship, Barry

Friday, 6 May 2016

Hey Guys!!

I haven't done a Planet Vikki Recommends in such a while so thought I would do one for you today. I must admit I haven't really gone anywhere new for a while either so was nice trying somewhere new.

A few Sundays back me and the husband decided to go for a little walk and to have some food, trying to think of somewhere to go we decided Barry as we haven't been in ages and its somewhere different. Llewellyn knew of a restaurant called The Ship and we decided to eat in there.

It was so cosy in there and was pretty busy as there was a Birthday gathering in there when we went. It's quite spacious when it comes to the way the tables are set up so you're not on top of everyone else eating which is nice. The booth we sat in also had a little tv, which you can see in the picture above, not that there was any volume and that we wanted to watch it.

To be honest it took me ages to decide on what to eat as I can be quite fussy and I wanted to try something different, usually I say that then have the same. I did know what dessert I was going to have though!!

I ended up having a Korma as I absolutely love it and haven't had a curry in ages. It was beautiful, I didn't eat it all as it came with chips, onion bahjis, naan bread, poppadoms, mint dip and mango chutney. What was really good was that the curry had actually a decent amount of chicken in as a few places I have been to haven't really had a lot of chicken in them.

I then had for a dessert a Salted Caramel Chocolate cake, now I am obsessed with salted caramel and if it's on the menu I will eat it. To be honest though I wasn't to impressed, for me I didn't think the caramel had a strong enough taste compared to the chocolate. I know you have to have the right balance as you don't want the caramel to overwhelm the rest of the dessert, I just like a strong caramel.

After our food then we took a lovely little stroll along the beach and watched the gorgeous sunset. We can be a romantic couple sometimes!

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Let me know in the comments if there are any restaurants you love that I could try!!

See You Soon!!