Reflecting On 2015

Monday, 4 January 2016

Hey Guys!!

Do you find at the beginning of a new year, you like to sit back and reflect on the year? Me to!

2015 started off great but slowly became more rocky and very rough. I attended my first Bloggers event in September, you can read about that HERE. We celebrated my youngest sisters turning 18, finally got to Paris, had a few weekends away, spent a lot of time with family and friends, took lots of photos and just made a lot of memories.

Looking back over the year I have learnt that my anxiety and depression needs to be worked on as well as other issues. I also need to work on being happy within myself so that I can enjoy every minute of life. This year also taught me that sometimes you need to make changes if you're not happy even if it's not what you expected to happen or how you expected your life to turn out. 

I am taking with me into this year a lot of positivity as I feel like I am in a place where I can be happy and achieve the things I want to. I'm not setting myself goals as I find it puts to much pressure on me and I can't achieve them. So I am going to carry on with what I am doing and hope that this year will be a better one.

I do hope that by getting back into blogging and having a refresh will help this positive start and lets see what the year brings!!

How was your 2015?

See You Soon!!