Baking: Chocolate Cakes

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Hey Guys!!

The other week I decided to have an afternoon of baking, when I say afternoon it literally took me 3 hours to do these. The only thing was with these, was that they didn't turn out exactly how I thought in my head. I also cheated and used a mix rather than bake from scratch like I usually do.

These were the ingredients I needed, plus water.
The first thing I did was pour the mix into the little mixer, add 2 eggs and 8tbsp of water. Then mixed it altogether on speed 2 for 2 minutes, I did this twice as I made 2 sponges.

I then poured the mix into a silicone mould and baked it for 20/25 minutes.

Once the 2 sponges had baked I waited for them to cool and then cut out circles, first using a glass, then used a knife as it was easier.

I then weighed out 170g of icing, well I went over a bit and 80g of butter to make the butter icing. Then mixed it together, which is hard work if you don't use an electric mixer.

Then came the first messy part, icing the circle sponges and putting them together.

I then melted the chocolate, at first in a plastic jug but thought it was going to melt the jug so changed to a pyrex jug. Then came the second messy part of covering the cakes with the chocolate.

I made 7 and out of them all one came out decently.

I enjoyed making these but they really did not come out how I seen them in my head. I will try them again though but maybe do them a different way so they get covered by the chocolate. They did taste very nice, very chocolate-y ha ha, and the mix was very crumbly, so I wouldn't use those mixes again.

Overall I liked them but they did go quite wrong, a 5/10 from me!!

What do you think?

See You Soon!!