What's On My Bedside Table?

Friday, 22 May 2015

Hey Guys!!

A while ago we bought bedside tables as we really needed them as we were just relying on the window sill to hold our stuffand I wanted somewhere to make cute! Our bedside tables are cream and pine as our bedroom if you can't tell by the walls is white and obviously needed to match the room.

I don't keep a lot on my table just what I need and use to be honest.

First off I always keep a book by the side of me, currently I am reading Robinson Crusoe as you can see. I also have an eye mask which I find helps me sleep so much better, I have a rubbish sleep if I don't wear it. I also have a little heart ornament which says Live, Laugh, Love which was an Anniversary present off Mum and Dad.

I then have a candle which I had for Christmas, I haven't lit this one yet and don't know when I will, maybe when I have a pampering session. I also have one of our gorgeous Wedding photos as I love having a picture of us on my table, as it reminds me of how much I loved our Wedding.

I then also keep a big bottle of water to take my tablets and just to generally hydrate, I am obsessed with Volvic Touch of Fruit. I also have another candle and as you can see I sit my Me to You bear on top of it.

I hope you have enjoyed this post!!

What do you keep on your bedside table?

See You Soon!!