My Blogging Tools

Friday, 8 May 2015

Hey Guys!!

For todays post I thought I would share with you what I use for Blogging. When I actually collected the stuff I use I don't actually have a lot, I do want to expand a bit though. Maybe get some lights for when its Winter and I'm thinking of getting some white card to use as a backdrop.

Anyway for now these are the things I use to create my posts.

This is my Husbands camera that I got him for Christmas, I would say 2 years ago maybe 3, he is kind enough to let me use it or he takes pictures for me such as outfit posts etc. This is the Nikon D3200 and I am no professional so just use it on Automatic settings. Llewellyn is practising more with it and looking more into the settings so will get him to teach me one day so I can do it when he's in work. You can have a look at it HERE.

Of course you can't blog without your trusty note pads. These note pads I actually received from my friend Caydi in America so I'm not sure where she got them. The pink one I use for all the scheduling and what post is going up when. Also I keep track of whether I have included links if needed, whether I have taken photos and whether I have written everything needed. The black one I use to record any ideas I have for any upcoming posts.

I don't use a lot of apps but I do use some for blogging. I use Fotor to edit my pictures, make collages and also make my thumbnails for vlogs. Then I just use the usual social media apps, Blogger to write on the go and Bloglovin' to read any posts I've missed. Yes I do have a picture of Matthew Lewis as my background as he is my latest man crush!!

I then use this camera to Vlog and occasionally take pictures with. I used to have a black Samsung WB125 but that broke so now have this Samsung WB35F in White. I love it and the quality of the vlogs are awesome. You can have a look at the details of this camera HERE.

What I haven't pictured is my laptop and as you can see from the title photo, there is a bit of a theme in the technology I use. It is all Samsung!! I will probably upgrade this laptop in the next year or so as I have had it a few years now and would like to invest in a Macbook or Mac PC. I'm not sure of the model of this one but I have found a link to one that is similar so you can have a look at it HERE

Hope you enjoyed this little post!!

See You Soon!!