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Monday, 16 March 2015

Hey Guys!!

I have been a bit on the quiet side lately as have had serious writers' block and just haven't had any inspiration to write. Sat here though today reading other blogs and just generally thinking about what I could do to boost the blog again, I came up with this series. I actually started doing this sort of thing a while back so I am refreshing it and doing it a bit differently.

I'm just going to share with you what I've been feeling, loving, finding inspiring and whatever happens through the week, so it will be different every week. Lets kick it off then with this weeks InstaLately!!

Loving - I am loving my hair at the moment. It is just the right length that I can do certain styles and thought I would try out a half up half down bun hairdo. It was a bit Zoella inspired as I seen a video of hers and she had this hairstyle.

Feeling - I have been feeling very lucky lately to have such an amazing husband and we have had such a great week together just chilling out and enjoying each others company. 

Food - I baked some Red Velvet cupcakes this week and they were/are so delicious, I literally can't stop eating them, oopps!!

So that concludes my week, I am looking forward to keeping this going, however I am not always great at keeping things up but I am determined to.

See You Soon!!