Matalan Haul

Friday, 27 March 2015

Hey Guys!!

A week or so back me, my mum and sisters thought we would pop along to our nearest Matalan which is the clearance Matalan. I wasn't actually planning on buying anything as normally when I'm looking for something I can never find anything. This particular time I found some nice things that I think will go well for Spring/Summer.

Lets Begin!!

I love denim and already own a denim jacket but I wanted something that would be nice to wear with strap tops, shorts and possibly dresses. Me and my sister then came across this little beauty so we both got one. I got a size 8 in this but wasn't sure whether it would fit around my boobs properly but it does fit perfectly.

Next was this lovely, thin, pink shirt, though you can't really see in this lighting that it's pink. I have actually wore this and it was so comfortable and it's really light to wear. I did have to wear a top underneath though as it is more see through than you think.

Surprisingly with all the clothes I own, I don't own very many evening tops, just mostly dresses. When I seen this I thought this would go perfect with a pair of jeans or wet look leggings. I was going to get the pale pink one but thought no go for something different and actually get a coloured one.

I have been very into checked shirts lately and also oversized shirts, I think they are perfect for the crossover into Spring. They will look great on top of a vest top with jeans or with leggings and also in the summer they will look great with shorts and a pair of cowboy style boots.

This colour is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it, though I'm not quite sure what/when I will. It's just your normal strapped top but more of an evening time wear I would say, as it is that chiffon style material.

I also picked up this cute white blouse, it is buttoned up and got a 'tie up' style bit at the top of the buttons. I am planning to wear this next weekend for Church and a family meal. I may have to wear a top under this also as I am not sure how see through it is once on.

Then lastly I picked up this onesie, which I actually wasn't going to get but being the crazy Disney fan I am I did. I have worn this and it is lovely and thin which means I don't get to hot when sleeping in it. Also the length is actually perfect on this as some onesies I have are way to long for me. I also love the little Bambi's as they look like they've been drawn straight onto the fabric.

I will be doing outfit posts on all of these items once I wear them and will go into more detail then of what they feel/look like.

Hope you enjoyed this little haul!!

See You Soon!!