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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hey Guys!!

I actually bought these items for when I went to Butlins at the weekend, there will be a post coming up on the weekend, you can also see the daily vlogs on it HERE. Anyway, stop rambling and get to the point, I needed to get a new scarf as for some reason when we moved I lost a scarf, I seriously think magical clothes fairies took stuff. 

I was going to actually pick up a tartan/plaid scarf but seen this gorgeous woven black scarf and got this one instead. It is lovely and warm and glad I went for this one. I also picked up the matching mittens, which you can fold the top half down and its like fingerless gloves, these are the same woven material and really do keep my hands warm. I also decided to pick up a plain coloured beanie hat as I have a lot of patterned ones and thought why not throw a plain one in the mix. I absolutely adore the colour on this hat as its a Burgundy/Oxblood colour and is perfect for Autumn/Winter.

Hope You Enjoyed This Post!!

See You Soon!!