LUSH Bath ox

Friday, 6 February 2015

Hey Guys!!

It was that time of the week again where I have a nice, relaxing, hot bath and of course cracked out my LUSH products.

This time I used the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and Bear Bath Bomb. 

I actually cut the Candy Mountain in half as I like to get a few baths out of it. It made the water go nice and bubbly, it always amazes me how many bubbles come from just half :)

I then popped in the bath bomb. It didn't colour the water at all but I must say because it had Cocoa Butter as one of the ingredients, my skin was so soft and looked so healthy.

I don't know whether I would get the bear again as I do like the bath bombs that turns the water a different colour. I will definitely get the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar again as this is the 2nd one I have had and I love it :)

Hope You Enjoyed This Quick Little Post!!

See You Soon!!