Baking For Mums' Birthday ox

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hey Guys!!
It was my Mums' Birthday on Monday so as a surprise I thought I would bake her a cake and some cupcakes to go with it. I haven't baked in a while which I really need to start doing more of as I really do love baking a lot. I did try to do a Rainbow sponge but it didn't go quite to plan so I baked up the usual Vanilla sponge that I've done before. You can have a look at the recipe HERE if you'd like to have a go.
As I had to make 24 cupcakes and 2 sponges I multiplied the ingredients by 4, so what I used was:
Butter 440g
Caster Sugar 440g
Eggs 8
Vanilla Extract 4tsp
Self Raising Flour 440g
Milk 4-8tbsp

The first thing I did was cream the Butter and Caster Sugar together. I always love how it looks when its creamed.

I then added in the 8 Eggs and mixed it together.

I then added in the 4tsp of Vanilla Extract, this is what makes the sponge taste so nice and the smell when baking is gorgeous.

Now normally I just weigh the flour and put it in, but this time I actually remembered to sift it. Then I mixed it altogether, I must say I have an electric mixer which made it easier.

Then I added 8tbsp of Milk in and that was the cake mix already. I had already turned on the Oven to 180 degrees so it warmed up as I made the cake mix.

I then spooned out mix into 24 cupcake cases and then weighed out half of the leftover mix into my cake tin. I had to bake one sponge and 12 cupcakes first, then bake the other sponge and 12 cupcakes while the first lot was cooling.

I actually forgot to take a picture of the sponge, silly me, but it looks just like the cupcakes just a bigger circle.

I had already made up Buttercream Icing and stored it in the fridge ready to decorate. I iced all the cupcakes and put on the rice paper pictures, you can get these HERE. I then iced one half of the sponge and put jam on the other half and put them together. I then rolled out the fondant icing, which I need to practice with a bit more as I can't quite get it decent enough, then put the cake topper on. You can get this topper HERE.
I hope you enjoyed this post.
See You Soon!!