Corfu: Trip to Albania x

Friday, 26 September 2014

Hey Guys!!
Continuing with my holiday posts I'm now going to show you the places we visited while we were in Corfu. When we are away we always have a look to see what excursions we can go or would like to go on. I must admit there were a lot of fantastic excursions on offer and it was hard to decide.
One excursion we decided on was Albania, I think they are only just opening up to Tourism as there wasn't a lot of tourist-y things to do. We could've gone on the little tour they provided which was 20 Euros and we could've seen some ruins.
We had to get a boat over to Albania and you also have to go through Passport Control to go there because its outside the EU (correct me if I'm wrong). It was only half hour on the boat which was nice but it amazed me when we got there how hot it was compared to Corfu. We had a little walk around to see what sort of shops were about not many at all, we managed to get a magnet though so we were happy.
We noticed some signs for this place called the Blue Eye Spring so we decided to get a taxi and have a look at this place. It was ok, I was a little disappointed as it wasn't as big as I expected, it literally took us 5/10 minutes to walk around it. We had paid the taxi 40 Euros there and back so it was a little annoying but we got some beautiful pictures there. The water was so clear, you could literally see to the bottom of the water.
I will now leave you with a few pictures from our trip there.
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