Corfu: Grand Island Tour

Monday, 29 September 2014

Hey Guys!!
Excursion number two was a Grand Island Tour :) We always do a tour of the Island wherever we go and its always nice as you get to see lots of different places that you might not get to see.
The first place we went to was the top of Corfu town near the Airport, this was really cool as we got to see a few planes take off and land. There was a part where you can stand and the planes land and take off over you.

The next place we went to was the Achilleon Palace, this was the most beautiful place I've ever been. They filmed the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only there, well the front pillars anyway. The gardens were so pretty with lots of statues about and inside was just so amazing. There was lots of detailed paintings everywhere including on the ceiling, it was all really bright and big.

After that then we went to a place called Palaiokastritsa, I apologise if I got that completely wrong. Here we got chance to have some lunch and get attacked by wasps apparently ha ha We also just got to chill out by the beach as it is only a small village. One place we got to visit while here was Corfu Aquarium, now if you don't already know I love Aquariums and Zoos, so I was rather excited. Its only small but there was lots of different fish I hadn't seen before and also they had some reptiles there. I got to hold a snake, which was so fun, though Llewellyn didn't stand very close to me. There was also this Iguana called George was just sat on a bench and the lady said he likes to be stroked on the head and when I did he closed his eyes :)

This was a Kumquat tree
  After that then we went up to a Monastery where I lit a candle in remembrance of lost family members and then we went on to a place where we went in a glass lift and had the most magnificent view of the area :)

Hope You Enjoyed This Post
See You Soon!!